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Tactics Ogre impressions

I’ve played the game for a couple hours now and I’m starting to grasp the basics of a system that seems largely deep and rewarding.

After four battles I faced my first defeat at the hand of the undead. The game is quite challenging if you don’t follow the rules. Healers and mages must stay at the safest distance possibles while remaining close enough when they are needed. Not following this rule means that you’ll most likely lose the battle (since the enemy AI constantly seeks to strike the weakest foe). Keeping the weak troops relatively safe, get your tanks (knights and such) in the fray and focus your attacks on one target at a time. Each target out of the way weakens the enemy considerably. Get your ranged troops on higher ground to cover more terrain and you’ll get the avantage soon enough.

Tactics Ogre is a very good game for long, unstressful play sessions. I just can’t seem to notice the passage of time when I play. More impressions to come as I slowly make my way through the game. So far, so good!