My 16-bit Self

Cause you gotta love slowdown and awesome soundtracks

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So the Super NES is 20 years old today… (And Therefore I Am Old)

It’s hard to comprehend for people not into video games, but I have the feeling that, in a way, the Super Nintendo contributed to what I am today. To me, the Atari 2600 was the spark, the NES was the little fire that gently dances… But the Super NES, it was the god damn nuclear explosion!! The real passion for video games, it came from what the Super NES gave me. It’s hard for me to express in words how some Super NES games made me feel. How it turned my mind into a complete mess of excitement over anything video game related.

A console is nothing without the games, and the Super NES just seemed to produce games talor made for me. Super Castlevania IV, The Legend of Zelda : A Link to the Past, Supe Mario World, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy II & III, Earthbound, Secret of Mana.. All games that forged my idea of what games should be like in the future. The awesome soundtracks, the colorful graphics, the great storylines and the impressive gameplay.. All the ingredients of what turns games into timeless classics. I will forever respect the Super NES and its games for the sheer excitement they gave me as a teenager.

Happy 20 years Super Nintendo!!